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5 Ply Automatic Board Line Machine

» We have state of art manufacturing facility with 5Ply Fully Automatic Board Line imported from China which enables us to supply shippers defect free & of International Standards.

» corrugated box making plants are ideal solution for achieving higher production capacity and superior board quality. Reduces production cost manifold. "Bhansali Packing Service" offer ultra modern 5 ply paper corrugated box making plant.

» High speed 5 layer automatic line, economical model 5 layer machine, hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand and thin blade slitter scorer machines.

Two color Printer Slotter with rotary die

» This machine is a king of combined machinery integrated in printing and slotting of the corrugated cardboard. Stable quality. Hand-swing feeding way, good adaptability, overcomes the defects of the paperboard and the irregular phenomenon.

» the gears of the whole machine adopt the superior quality steel after heat treatment and grinding. The oil pump of the gears adopts spray circulated lubrication.

Folder Gluer With Auto Building Machine

» These Folder Gluer With Auto Building Machine are well manufactured by our skilled experts for universal feeding. Green belt is embedded for easy movements.

» Automatic folder gluer machine consist of three sections: Vacuum feeding section, glue and folding section, counter and stacker section. Frequency conversion motor with quality inverter adjust speed. PLC & Touch Screen control system for easy operation and running stable. Average speed 150 sheets/ min. Energy Convervation and High Speed, Saving Labor Cost.

» This automatic folder gluer machine can be used for gluing 3-ply corrugated box and 5-ply corrugated box. Computer control machine speed, side stop and rear stop regulation and folding part distance.

Fully Computerized QC Lab

» Our Quality Control Department is fully-equipped to meet the toughest standards set by client. Our laboratory is well equipped with complete range of testing equipments required for flexible laminates & pouches.

» To keep the consistency at all levels of production, the machines and equipments are calibrated every three months. On line quality check is done right from the receipt of raw material through different stages of production, till the final dispatch of finished goods. Appropriate quality certificates are issued with details like Bond Strength, Seal Strength etc.

» We believe that consistency of quality is a continuous process of product analysis, research and a rigorously implemented Quality of Corrugated Boxes. We have used latest technological instruments.

Semi Auto Machinery

High Speed fingerless Semi Auto Corrugation B & C Flutes

» The Machine Offers High Rate of Production and Enhance Efficiency. The Flute Rollers are Mounted on Bearings for Smooth Running and Imparts Proper Impression on Paper.

» The Middle Flute Roller is Fitted with Vaccum Suction Jacket instead of Adapters which Keeps the Flute Profile Stable.

» Two Pre-Heaters are Provided for Demoisturising the Paper. Gear Box Drive to Reduce Noise and Keep Machine Running Smooth.The Machine is Equipped with Hydraulic Power Pack Mill Roll Stand.

» Vacuum suction fingerless design provides prefect flute formation driven by heavy duty Blower.

E’flute Corrugation Machine

» It is made on "flute lamination machines" or "corrugators" and is used in the manufacture of shipping containers and corrugated boxes.

» The combination of cushioning and slimness means E flute can substitute for conventional folding cartons or solid fiber containers.

We manufacture the exclusive type of Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine Oblique Type machine. with a considerable increase in efficiency and production.

E'Flute Roll made from special Alloy Steel, With Motorized Lubrication System, With Glue Circulating System etc.

Paper Cutting Machine

» Paper cutting machines work in one of two ways. A standalone machine works by loading cartridges into the machine, which act much like an external storage device. You then use the cartridges to transfer the shape information to the cutting machine.

» paper cutting machine has a radial shape with light colour and the new design in frame construction. Centrally expended box type design & high grade material of main parts, gives rigidity & long life to machine, Best quality materials are used to withstand wear, strain & stress.

» The machines are strongly built to cut much higher stocks than similar other machines. The knife holder can be adjusted to compensate the grinding of the knife. Back gauge is adjustable for cross cutting. Ball bearings and bushes are provided at vital places. Fine finish, excellent painting and essential parts are nickel plated.

Flexo Printing Machine

» The Flexog Printing Machines in modulate design with arched bridge Stack Type. and this model stand out for its economic efficiency and high precision printing.

» The continuous up-dating and improvements carry out to the high versatility and easy operation, particularly for rather long printing runs on all extensible boxes film.

» Helical Gear for smooth running and long life. All rolls are dynamically balanced and hardchrome plated.

» Silent air drying system fitted with high velocity centrifugal fan. Quick Changeover of plate cylinder to reduce the down time.

Imported Auto Stitching Machine

» It is the machine that stitches the corrugate boxes automatically using the steel wires after the processes of printing and box..

» Low maintenance, Easy to operate, Hassle free performance.

» These machines are highly reliable for longer service life and gives and excellent performance. We tested these machines with the help of our diligent quality auditors in order to ensure.

» Machine can be all-electric adjusted, can be changed size quickly between two-three minutes. It can nail single nail, double nail, strengthen nail complete in one – time, For larger cartons, bound in fast and laborsaving.

Die cutting Machine

» A die cutting machine is a machine designed to cut materials, such as paper, fabric, or metal, to a specific shape.

» These cutout shapes can then be used for a variety of projects, such as scrapbooking, t-shirts, homemade cards etc.

» Die cutting Machine is the general process of using a die to shear webs of low-strength materials, such as rubber, fiber, foil, cloth, paper, corrugated boxes, plastics, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, foam and sheet metal.

» Die Cutting Machine is die cutting using a cylindrical die on a rotary press.

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